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We just relocated to a larger facility in Redmond, Oregon. Please make a note of our new address and phone numbers.

Risse Racing Technology
334 SE Timber Ave.  Unit 103
Redmond, OR  97756
Phone 541.526.7242
Fax 541.526.7243

With design and manufacturing experience in the bicycle, aerospace, automotive, and water sports industries, Risse Racing is on the edge of engineering technology.

At the forefront of cutting edge suspension technology for twenty years now, we only have one objective in mind: to make the best there is. Regularly winning test after test in magazines around the world, function and performance are our top priorities. Rather than continuously launching new products and discontinuing the older models, we focus on constantly evolving our products and striving to make improvements on a daily basis. No matter how old your Risse shock is, you will always be able to get the parts as well as the support and service you would get if you had bought it yesterday.

All Risse Products are fully CNC machined and assembled in our factory in Redmond, OR. All Risse dampers have true high performance internals, including five separate shim stacks that can be custom tuned. All products come with a one year warranty.

We pride ourselves in the large number of bikes our dampers fit, going back from 1991 to present day. We can supply air sprung and coil sprung dampers from 5" (139.7mm) eye-to-eye with 1" (31mm) of stroke to over 250mm eye-to-eye with 3" (75mm) of stroke, with just about any eye-to-eye and stroke in between. Each shock is custom tuned to the rider's weight and riding style before it leaves our shop.

Orders can be places via phone, fax, emai, or our online storel. Because our products are highly specialized and personalized, each order is assembled and tuned for you the customer. When you place an order, you will be asked what your riding weight and riding style are. Your product will then be built to those specifications.

All feedback is welcome, as we continually strive to better serve our customers.