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The Genesis | The Astro-5 | The Terminator

Price: $198.00

Lightweight and simple, the Genesis is the beginning of our suspension upgrades. The Genesis utilizes an air spring with oil damping, and is custom tuned for you and your bike. Models are available to fit nearly every bike made. Give you bike the shock it deserves.

The Genesis® Damper is available for most rear suspension applications. Note: If your bike is not on our application list, that does not mean we cannot make a shock for your frame. The best thing to do is email us a picture of your bike and we will let you know if we're able to make a shock for it.

  • Oil-damped, air-spring
  • Damping set at factory, internally adjustable
  • Ultra lightweight design
  • Manufactured with high strength, lightweight aerospace materials
  • Alloy shaft
  • Teflon bearing surfaces
  • Independent damping circuits for compression and rebound
  • Low stiction seals
  • Internal negative spring
  • Made in the USA
Benefits and Advantages
  • Infinitely adjustable air-spring rate
  • Progressive performance of an air spring
  • No special tools or disassembly is required for adjustment
  • Quiet, solid damping performance
  • Increases the rigidity of the swingarm
  • Simple to adjust for different weights and riding styles
  • Alloy shaft with PTFE (teflon) - decreases stiction
  • Low stiction seals
Genesis Damper - Risse Racing Technology